In life at times, we realise there is still some remains of past

Which were supposed to be dead by now

Which were expected to had been vanished by now

But here the past suffocates the present

As those memories remain

With facts

With faces

With feelings

With facets



Which were relinquished consciously once

Are now flooding as experiences of unconscious

We often wonder how it reached so long

How it survived beneath even after being buried without moan



We the humans claim for the being

Even when we fail to acknowledge the iota of difference

Within living and leaving – when mindfully spoken

these become Live(be)ing and Leave(be)ing



Stupid humans are a weird species

Distant by the emotions we strive for humanity

Hopefully when the space will sink

the moan will rise above from the buried



The emotions will turn into tides

And meet the seashores as human’s eyes

Because now is the time to rediscover the selves

Let the emotions become our expressions and humanity drives our intentions.

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