In the wake of mine..

In the wake (ceremony) of mine, I rise with smile

Up and up I flow from mile to mile

The roads walked by others are gone so far

Now I fly on my way to be the star


Reaching to the point where ends meet

Which starts where no clue can be seen

Just a circle of life I believe

There’s no start or end to leave..


Existence of me is the proof of life

Not the other way round..just think twice!

My body is buried & thoughts diminished

Yet I realise that my soul survived


So I blossomed further to discover my root

Being aware of who is aware of whom

It is just about the time for some one late or soon

To understand how questions have answers similar to an illuminating full moon..


Diving in the sea but experiencing the dive

Answers rushed inside out without the senses five

Saying, I am the awareness rather than the I

In the wake of mine, I rise with smile…I rise with smile..


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