A story of lust, suffering, love and liberty.

There he was, shining amongst the crowd

peeking from the charming eyes

young pumped up looks but with intentions ughh..so uptight

beneath the promises he was just – a parasite

with the lusty hunger he swindled his actions

words weren’t meaningful but were only abstractions

just a soul of hers left barren with an empty scream

An ignition inside her which burnt within

the soul fought with the voices

with the questions and with the noises

for the miles and miles, the soul travelled

She was thirsty and deeply shattered

His thoughts were enough to shake her

to hit, weak and suffocate her

Where could she find her sanctum?

she wondered and wondered

With her last breath out she looked around

Her wounds created a well inside out mound

The well became the wall of void

and mound reflected the child inside

She was thrilled and surprised

wanted to baptise her inner child

so she could feel her soul

unless its too late & she rots and foul

Later when she touched the heart

Love was all within and no dark

The fire became the light

Pain vanished in few more nights

The little tear in her eye

cleared her vision to rise

The arrival of winds filled the void

And she fly above the clouds, became the sunshine..became the sunshine..







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