How long has it been

to recognise and reconcile,

my selves to a soul

and to decipher the ecstasy.

Since long I have been

escaping, avoiding and hide,

the truth, the core, the mind

then chosen to kept aside.

Forgotten was the power of light

it has wings to spread wide,

With the hope it shines

and promises silently to keep me uptight.

Being kind, being humane

where being in conflict was not my game,

With the hollow-eyed experiences I gained

in pieces, yet I hope again.

I have seen black and white

have seen dark and light,

have discovered the truth as grey

with mild storm at bay.

With smile in pain

now I close my eyes and drain,

My mind cleared when it rained

like drops I remained and the soul evaporate..and the soul evaporate…!





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