Towards My Shadow

Back then was a time,

I was surrounded with guise.

When torn, ripped and drown,

The upheaval you gave was a sanctum to mourn.


Cuddled by you ,

I was like a child in womb.

With the light reflected upon,

You opened up and I was pulled by dawn.


We stretched but were not apart,

Intact we remained and drawn by nature’s art.

Bigger the sun became, longer you stood,

As sun disappeared, we still withstood.


Now is a time, years have passed,

Walking in the tunnel and  you were mopped.

Search for you, is nullifying me,

dropping my blood yet my soul hides in me.


Afraid i am as heart beat slows down,

inflamed I am and taking your name loud,

running through this dark cave, distant apart,

Am I seeing you or just a light wave on the path??


Gradually sinking to my core,

my mind opens and heart sees more.

The light became larger than I thought,

It folded me in arms to deliver, as if I was brought.


Succumbed I was, before opening my eyes,

I see the whole picture without any disguise.

You were the shadow, the sanctum I lived in so long,

You protected me and I remained fond.


You were the shadow of light,

With progress you changed dark to ignite.

A part of you was I,

And later I understand how you become white.


We are the two polarities that drive,

different energies yet combined.

None of us is complete without one,

Shadows merge with light and spread as love.







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