Cyprus in a glimpse

Initially, Cyprus was a part of Greece. The history of Cyprus takes us back to the battle of Lepanto in 1571 where Ottoman empire (which later turned as Turkey) conquered it. This is how Cyprus became home for Greeks and Turks.

By 1930, it was populated with two-thirds of Greeks and one-third of Turks. Since 1878, it was one of the British colonies. This rule split them on the basis of nationality and ethnicity. Many political organisations were blamed for assassinations upon the ethnic lines. After a 4 year war, Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960. But so much was lost, colonial tensions outlived and hatred gained roots tightly.

In 1974, when Greece military coup in Cyprus for annexation, heavily armed troops of Turks invaded and captured one-third of Cyprus before U.N. intervened and declared a buffer zone with ceasefire.

Since then, The Republic of Cyprus is virtually divided as Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, which is only determined by Turkey (even EU and UN consider it to be The Republic of Cyprus as one nation). This is often called as Northern Cyprus.

In 2015, the new President of Northern Cyprus ” Mustafa Akinci” declared for a new policy for peace. Hope Cyprus finds out its way towards harmony and enlighten other nations to live with togetherness and tranquility.




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