The world is bewildered ,
With climate and corruption,
Sensitive is speechless,
Thoughtful is speechifying..

No wonder why nature is turning bad,
We have done enough to make her react.
Poor does not even know what’s a delightful life like,
Rich is exulting without even paying the real price.

The world is shaken ,
With norms of people having no brains ,
Courageous is fighting ,
Faithful is initiating ..

Humans are every where in virtual chains,
Tied up by caste, sex, race and religion.
Borders too divide nations within veins,
Honour killing makes us proud leaving no space for accepting the shame.

The world is urging ,
With cries and pains,
Who we are and what we reflect ,

WE make the world, the world reflects WE,
WE planted the seeds of difference and terror,
The roots have grown stronger with prejudice and minds that are meagre,
What an irony that We have shady trees and now we plea!!

The world is narrating,
The reality we perceived,
To amort is not required ,
To accrue is what we need.

Let us become the spearhead,
And make our world the way we dreamt,
Remembering that our world is within us,
And to start this evolution is a must!

Revamp one life,and life will bestow you, as every revolution starts from you.


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