Three years back i was living a mysterious life, was trying hard to understand it and later i realized it was bestowing me with a better world within ME ! 😃

some lines written years ago,

Jab zubaan ladkhadaye aur sach ko chupaye , tab samajh jana kuch raaz hai inmein..
Jo dikhe woh sach hai ya jhoot samajh na paye, tab samajh jana adhoora hai kuch..
Jab din dhale aur neend na aye, tab samajh lena khin jaagne ki hai zarurat..
Jab raat dhale aur sapnon se darr lage, tab maan lena buri hai haqiqat…
Jab shabd na hon kehne ko, to bezubaan lafzon ko samjhne ki hai zarurat…
Jab ankhein chaukanni khuli rhein aur vishwaas krne ki ho zarurat, tab maan lena….ye darr hai, har pal ko mehsus krne ki hai zarurat… 😋 😝

Its good to realize problem and solution lies with own self, because one needs to find peace inside !!


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