Indian Researchers Identify a “BLAZAR”

Over a year ago, one of the most lustrous objects in the space impelled astronomers to identify it as a blazar.

Being one of the most energetic phenomena known, it exists as the centre of a galaxy where a super massive black-hole has been formed  . Amazingly on April 19, 2014, a hitherto-undetected object suddenly emitted light for few minutes viz nearly 10 billion light years away ( 1 light year = 10,000 billion km. ~ approx. ).  The emission calculated was 10 thousand times stronger than that of entire Milky Way. 

To figure this novel discovery, it took an international group of astronomers– led by Bengaluru based Indian Institute of Astrophysics ( I.I.A.) .

It has been vigor by a black-hole viz at least 250 million times bigger than the Sun and emitted light more than 500 billion times the sun’s emission.

It has opened up a long journey for researchers and adorned the field for astronomers. I wonder what a great life we live in!!


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